Bloody Jackboots

I have used the cat as a symbol of Iranian’s people because the shape of Iran`s map is the same as cat which sits and it is famous for it. I documented just one scene of an event to show all the people around the world what was happening in Iran in November 2019 and how cruel the regime could be.

Director: Leila Ahang/Tehran University of Art/Iran

I was born in Iran. I received B.S in physics and now I am M.A student in animation directing from Tehran University of Art. I started my professional career since 2010. Since then, I have worked as an animator, lay out , concept and background artist and director in some animated short films, TV series and commercials.

Free To Fly

This is a short animated film aimed at raising awareness on the pains and trauma the African Grey Parrots go through as a result of the illegal activities of poachers. This is a story about two love birds (Perry and Linda) who lived together for a long time. They lived happily until their community was invaded by poachers, Perry was captured and taken to a far and strange land. It was a traumatizing journey. Linda was unhappy by the feeling of loneliness, hoping one day Perry would return. This is a wake up call to every one directly or indirectly involved to speak up and fight against this illegality and to also ensure that all of us (Humans and Birds) live in peace within our ecosystem.

Director: Okeremute Ovuorho/Blue Ribbon School of Arts/Nigeria

Okeremute Ovuorho is an animator and a cinematographer. He worked in various media organizations including BBC Media Action in Nigeria. He attended several animation workshops organized by The French Institute of Nigeria and the German embassy. His is the winner of the Nigeria Film corporation competition in script writing for the animation child film project and his animated film titled “Lake Kabula” won the best film in nature/environment /wildlife in the Tagore International Film Festival 2020.


This story is a sarcasm to today’ society. This is a made up world, I use Tag to represent the stereotypes for different people. All of the people in society are labeled with different tags since they came to this world. I showed different stereotypes from different aspects, which is gender, body shame, social classes, only use scores to define a student, and job stereotypes. People were tagged by others while they tag other people. They were defined by these tags and never reveal their true self. In the end, they decided to give up all the tags and became their true selves.

Director: Ziyi Wang/Columbia University/China

Ziyi is a New York-based Artist, Filmmaker. She is currently working at Baidu as animation designer and SFK as part-time portfolio instructor. Graduated from SVA BFA animation(2021), going to Columbia university for graduate study. Her works have been recognized and screened in numerous awards and festivals worldwide. She also participated in multiple animation and game projects. Ziyi strives to create eye-catching dynamic pieces.

Heart and Soul -Spinning Peace

School friends, parents and children, passers-by… the smallest misunderstanding or quarrel in our daily life may become a trigger to break the peace. We left our thoughts on what is necessary for peace in this film.

Director: Eri Kanaya/Kyoto Seika University/Japan

A third-year student at the Manga department of Kyoto Seika University
Eri Kanaya, Nao Kadoura, Yuto Nakayama,Kaito Sakano, Sho Oya,Kougetsumei, Ryutenrin, Oufusei, Choutenchou, Ouyuren, Chouhou, Rishie

Memory and Utopia:City as the Concept of Time

Everything starts from simplicity, but it becomes complicated with the flow of time and space, so does a city. The film takes Custer’s concept of “flowing space” as the starting point, and decomposes, combines and reorganizes cities, so as to discuss how the human social system relates and influences each other with the ecological system on which they depend, and the contradiction between human social operation and ecological sustainability. Observe the flow and laws of human cities in the same time and space, and try to find the eternal order in chaos.

Director: Chao Gao, Editor: Rui Wang/Nanning Normal University/China

In 2021, I followed my teacher to actively explore the connection between short videos and urban renewal, presenting the inheritance and renewal of urban architecture through aerial photography, and helping people understand the culture carried by cities, streets and communities.

Goodbye Earth

This animation is about an old painter and nature lover who lives on a remote island witnessing the damage that humans are doing to the planet.

Director: Amir hossein Hosseini /Chamran high school/Iran

Amir Hossein Hosseini is a 17-year old filmmaker who lives in Mashhad, Iran. He made the animation film Goodbye Earth during the pandemic.

What we were 75 years ago

What were the feelings of the children who lived during the war, who experienced air raids, worked for their country, or volunteered for suicide missions? Through the stories of ten people who spent their childhood in war, we will get a closer look at the true horror of war.

Director: Yu Tobikawa/ Senior High School of Kogakuin University/Japan

I begin video editing with my friend in the second year of junior high school. The video was compiled by interviewing the disaster-stricken areas, the environmental education activities of elementary schools, and the efforts of local organizations. Movies for children are also transmitted. In 2019, a film produced with a Chinese friend was selected as a finalist for the International Peace Film Festival.

The last sea

This film is set in the town of Kaminoseki in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
It has been 39 years since a nuclear power plant was planned to be built here, but it is still untouched.
The reason is that there are people who are trying to protect the sea of Kaminoseki, the only place where the original landscape of the Seto Inland Sea remains.
I made this film to let people know about the thoughts of these people.

Director: Hayato Sudare, Masashi Uramoto/Hiroshima University of Economics/Japan

Third year student at Hiroshima University of Economics.
I have been fascinated by the people and landscapes I have encountered while traveling around Japan and the world, and I started making videos to let as many people as possible know about them.
I would like to convey the reality of the world through video, increase the number of people like myself whose lives have been enriched by travel, and draw and express a future full of hope.

Black Futures

Freya wants to participate in a BLM protest but, is met with the dangers of going brought up by her mother. Freya has to decide whether or not this is a cause worth fighting for.

Director: Jasmine Scriven/Ithaca College/United States

Jasmine is a Junior at Ithaca College and is passionate about film, photography and visual arts. She feels responsible for telling unspoken stories and expressing what she thinks is important.

Bio Plastic

Blanche and Colin live in an all synthetic world where even food is made of plastic.

Director: Marguerite Hayter
While studying at Paris 8 University in film directing, Marguerite, simultaneously attends classes at Les Enfants Terribles theater school. In her latest creation, “Alive” (18min), she also plays the main role. The film is selected at the Tokyo Lift Off Film Festival (2020). After performing in Lae?titia’s film “A l’autre bout”, they decide to embark on a common adventure by co-directing “Bio Plastic” in 2021.

Director: Laëtitia Beau
Creating stories and bringing projects to life is what makes her happiness. It’s a passion that she wanted to turn into a profession. After a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Audiovisual at Sorbonne Nouvelle, she spent a year at Itecom Art design school in the Editing and Special Effects section.