Call for entry! Peace-themed films up to 5 minutes from students around the world.

* Call for entries has been closed.

Call for entries of films within 5 minutes duration on the theme of peace from around the world!(Deadline: July 21st)
UNITED FOR PEACE FILM FESTIVAL (UFPFF) is a film festival on the theme of peace and SDGs.
UFPFF has been held around September 21st which is the International Day of Peace established by the UN, each year since 2011. This year, UFPFF 2023 will be held in Nagasaki, Japan on September 18th. The Grand Prix prize is 100,000 Japanese Yen. Many other prizes will be awarded. The entry period of UFPFF 2023 is from March 21st to July 21st.

* Call for entries has been closed.

Official Awards

Grand Prix

Prize money: 100,000 Japanese Yen

Second Prize

Prize money: 30,000 Japanese Yen

Special Jury Award

Prize money: 20,000 Japanese Yen

UFPFF 2023 Event Outline

Date: Sunday, September 18, 2023, 13:00-19:00
Place: Human Trust Cinema Shibuya (1-23-16 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Grant-in-Aid: Ohdake Foundation
Support: Shibuya City
Cooperation:Theatres Cinema Group

<Part 1> PEACE DAY 2023 Opening Event

Screening of 10 finalists’ films, director’s speeches, screening of invited films, talk show, etc.
Support: United Nations Information Centre
Silver Partner:LIFULL, Co., Ltd. , UNITED PEOPLE, Virgin Group
Partner:OGGI FRUTTA Company, DOKUSO Theater Inc., Forval Corporation
Individual Sponsorship: Satoko Suzuki, Takayuki Nishi
Cooperation:Sapporo International Short Film Festival(No Maps | FILM), Think the Earth, Yokohama Community Design Lab
Admission Fee: 1,000 Yen

Application Guidelines

Theme: Films of 5 minutes or less on the theme of peace or SDGs
Eligibility: All students from around the world
Duration: Within 5 minutes (films produced after 2022) , up to 2 films
Language: Japanese or English (English subtitles required for non-English/Japanese entries. If in a language other than Japanese, please include Japanese subtitles if possible.)
Entry period: Submit your film to UFPFF 2023 from March 21 to July 21.
Entry fee: Free
Finalists: 10 Finalists will be announced by the end of August. Finalists will be invited to join the ceremony and to screen their works at venue in Tokyo on September 18th. * Please note that we can not cover traveling cost to the venue.
Genre: All genres of film are accepted.
Format: Films submitted in the following formats MOV, MP4, AVI, or MPEG are accepted. We recommend that you finalize your work at the aspect ratio of 16:9.

Official Jury Members

Takashi Inoue(President and CEO, LIFULL, Co., Ltd. )
Katsuzo Takahashi  (Director, UFPFF)
Mayu Nakamura(Film director, Representative of Omphalos Picture)
Kouki Tange  (Grape farmer, human apprentice, filmmaker)
Akihiro Nishizawa  (Executive Officer, Tokyo Theatres Co., Ltd.)
Sahel Rosa (Actress and TV personality)

Entry Agreement

・ The selected films of finalists will be uploaded and viewable on the UFPFF YouTube channel.
・ When your work includes any individual or faces, please confirm the permissions for use before submitting your film.
・ When your work includes any music or other artwork for which you do not own the copyright, please get the clearance from the persons or parties concerned (the copyright owners) before you submit your work.
・ When your work includes a third person or third party’s artwork (writing, music etc.), please include the confirmation of this agreement by the artist to our office.
・ UFPFF will not accept any responsibility or liability in cases where any personal rights, or copyright infringement should occur.
・ We will not be able to return any data or tapes of your work after submission.
・ The copyright of each work belongs to the filmmakers, though UFPFF may reserve the right to use some part of your work in order to promote and announce this festival on their website, or in associated sites, within promotions and PR documents, or within certain media like brochures, programs, flyers etc. UFPFF would like to request the complimentary use of your film and work, including the title, your name, profile and portrait for promotion, and at no cost. We reserve the right to edit your work for the same promotional reasons, so please confirm and agree that the moral rights for your work(s) will be permitted for festival promotion related activities.
・Even if certain rights for publicity and promotional use (broadcasting rights, publishing rights, etc.) and the secondary copyrights of your work are transferred to a third party, UFPFF will maintain the same original conditions outlined in the preceding clause.
Therefore, when an award-winning filmmaker transfers or sells the rights of the work to a third party, please make sure to include the conditions of the preceding clause in the contract.
・ You may submit a total of two(2) individual films.
・ UFPFF may not be able to screen your film if there are any rights-related issues.

Silver Partner