431765_10151191972839494_1622783015_nRepresentative Director & Founder: Kenji Seiryu Sekine
United People, President
Peace Day Japan, Representative Officer
Born in 1976. Graduated from the Department of Economics at Beloit College (USA).
During his graduation trip – where he travelled halfway around the world – Sekine
entered various conflict zones, and faced the reality of the global geo-political situation.
After these travel experiences, he set his life goal as the “realization of world peace”.
In 2002, Sekine established United People Co., Ltd. to engage in conflict resolution
involving various global social issues. In 2009, the company started film distribution
activities and launched the United For Peace Film Festival (UFPFF) organization.
He began organizing the UFPFF events from 2011. The festival is held annually on
September 21st, ‘The International Day of Peace’ established by the United Nations.
Sekine is the co-representative director of Peace Day Japan, and the author of the book
‘United People’.  

Director: Katsuzo Takahashi
Graduated from Musashino Art University. Takahashi worked as the General Manager
of the Preparatory Committee of Professional Graduate School, the Director of Toho
Gakuen College, a vice-manager of the Preparatory Committee of Kanagawa Film
School, and the director of the Japan Institute of the Moving Image. He now works as
the representative director of Watsons Inc., and also collaborates with Kita-ku in Tokyo
to make a moving image archive. He is a member of the Japan Society of Image Arts
and Sciences, and the Japan Academy Prize Association.
Educational work includes lecturing at Komazawa University, and Tokyo University of
the Arts. Public Committee work includes, Executive Director for research on “The film
box office & distribution system, and the screening popularity of Japanese films in East
Asia”, a project to assist the development of human resources for art organizations,
supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Japanese government.
Publications include, Editor-in-Chief of the Occupational Guidebooks (published by Pia),
and co-author of The Beginner’s Guide for Digital Contents Making (Ohmsha).

Advisor: Tomio Yanagisawa, CEO of Round Table Com., Inc
Has worked mainly in ICT and education. Experienced school management by running
the first virtual high school in Japan, and taught at Keio Futsubu School and several
other junior high schools, high schools and universities. Most schools in Japan were
based on individual evaluation, though Yanagisawa introduced the concept of project
management to schools, so that team-related activities are more evenly evaluated. In
terms of communication and students’ study records, he helps teachers run classes.
Yanagisawa currently works at Kanto Gakuin University, Ferris University, Tokyo
Woman’s Christian University and Toyama High School. It is also the 10th anniversary
of BBCoach Project, a web contest he started in 2003 to support junior creators.

Advisor: Junya Ishikawa, Dream Design, President
Co-representative Director of Tasukeai Japan. Social Value Producer.
Was born in Oita Prefecture in 1962. Ishikawa decided that his life should be dedicated
to increasing the potential of creativity to solve various social issues around the world.
His works include the book “If the world were a village of 100 people”, an event “2002
FIFA World Cup Public Viewing in Tokyo”, a peace art project retired weapons, an
album Japan’s love with Yuming (producer). He is the winner of Cannes Lions, NYADC
and many more industry awards. After the 3.11, he installed solar panels of 6kWh at his
home, changed his car to EV, and started growing organic vegetables. In 2015,
Ishikawa began promoting the project to extract electricity from the hot springs resort
areas of Hakone and Beppu. He is also a Disaster Prevention Expert.