Jury Members of UFPFF 2018

Takashi INOUE

President and CEO, LIFULL Co.,Ltd.
Representative director, Next Wisdom Foundation.

Takashi Inoue was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref., Japan in November 23, 1968. Soon after graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University, College of Economics, in 1991, he joined Recruit COSMOS Co., Ltd. (now COSMOS INITIA Co., Ltd.). He began to think the real estate industry should be innovated and established NEXT, Co., Ltd. for that purpose in 1997. Then he launched “HOME’S”, a real estate and housing information listing site. HOME’S has now grown to be the Japan’s largest real estate and housing listing websites. Since 2011, NEXT has expanded operation into overseas markets. In 2014, NEXT also acquired Trovit Search, S.L, a Spanish company which runs one of the world largest aggregation websites. NEXT has in total 13 subsidiaries both in Japan and overseas and offers services in 53 countries. In April 2017 at the twentieth anniversary of its launch, NEXT changed its name to LIFULL Co., Inc.

His challenge is building a worldwide information infrastructure where people can find a perfect residence for them without any trouble regardless of their nationality or language.

His motto is “be altruistic”, which is also LIFULL’s company Credo. His ultimate goal is to build world peace. He is trying to remove various barriers and constraints such as “anxiety” “discontent” and “inconvenience” through his business activities. While committing to LIFULL’s business, he serves many social activities as a person: he is leading an industry support project in Republic of Benin as well as serving as the representative director of the
Next Wisdom Foundation.

Katsuzo Takahashi

Director of UFPFF.
Graduated from Musashino Art University.
Has produced and developed curriculum for schools of moving image, broadcast, animation, music,
theatre and dance performance, and worked as the director of Toho Gakuen Collage, and the Japan
Institute Of The Moving Image.
Has published occupational guidebooks from Pia, as well as Shinko Music Entertainment Co.Ltd.,
for people aiming to work in the music, broadcast and film industries. Currently works as the
representative director of Watsons Inc., as well as teaching at Komazawa University,
and collaborating with Kita-ku in Tokyo to make a moving image archive. He is a member of the
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences and the Japan Academy Prize Association.

Taii Kin

Born in China and now resident in Japan. He developed an integrated approach between music, visual and art, utilizing his unique skills and imagination. Recently he has received high acclaim from home and abroad, creating Asia-themed art in different genres. He released 13 albums so far, including Waterland (’97), Shin Chugoku Kiko (’00), DRAGON (’00), TOMPA (’03), Tao Series (’05), TOMPA2 (’07), TOMPA3 (’07), and the latest called Suikyo, Shoko. His visual works include Shuriri Enen (’04), Kairei no Miya (’06), and Suikyo, Shoko (’10).

Kouki Tange

Film Director / Art Director / Human Being
Studied under the leading Buto dancer Kazuo Ono. Directed several hundred music videos and published the ‘TANGE KOUKI MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION’.
Also worked on DVD, record jacket and book design, as well as producing art events and providing support for disabled people to commence work. Following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, he declared his anti-nuclear policy and suspended the running of his company. He started the NOddlN movement with fellow artists and friends to work on contemporary social problems.

Yukari Tatsumura

The huge impact of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986 made her decide to change her career as a visual producer to express hope and dream through visuals. Since then, she has worked on different TV documentaries as well as programs as a director. She has produced the film GAIA SYMPHONY.